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Can I refer people to buy Inddais?

Posted on 03 May 2022 11:03 am

Yes, and for a fair incentive. Our referral program, Slice, is direct and lasting. Visit, connect with a wallet to which you want to receive slice BNB payments, copy the referral link generated, and start promoting it. You will receive 2% of sales generated from the people who visited Inddais using the link you shared. 

We pay commissions on BNB. You can view or withdraw your accumulated commission anytime by visiting the Slice page and connecting your wallet. We do not limit slice payments to a single sale. You will receive commission even when the same user buys Inddais token again.

Please do not promote your referral links by spamming, bulk messages or mass mailing applications to the people who did not opt to receive such promotions.