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How to Seed Inddais Tokens?

Posted on 03 May 2022 09:41 am

Seeding INIS on the yielding farm is an integral part of the Inddais ecosystem that connects Inddais Token to our dividend vault contract. Keep your MetaMask wallet tuned to BSC network, buy some INIS tokens and visit Once connected, choose the INIS token quantity to seed and approve the transaction in the MetaMask. Post transaction confirmation your tokens get seeded on the farm. 

Inddais Farm Seeding

  1. Counter with time remaining for this season to end or time to wait for next season to begin.
  2. Available dividend vault balance and the calculated share you hold in it. The share increases gradually until the season ends or until you withdraw your tokens from the farm.
  3. Choose the token quantity using slider or manually enter the amount.
  4. Connected wallet and token balance.
  5. Withdraw partial tokens that you have seeded. Harvest or withdraw your yield balance from the farm. Exit farm completely and transfer all the tokens you have seeded along with the accumulated yield.
  6. Total tokens you have seeded and current BNB yield balance available for you to withdraw.

There is no minimum duration in order to receive yields, however the maximum time to keep your seed should not exceed 5 days from the Season End time. We settle all tokens seeded on the farm after 5 days from Season End time along with the yield made manually after deduction of 25% of the yield balance towards handling charges.