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How to Buy Inddais Token?

Posted on 03 May 2022 07:38 am

Buying Inddais (INIS) is direct and simple using the local buy function that we have incorporated into the smart contract. Keep your MetaMask wallet tuned to BSC network and some BNB coin in it and visit Once connected, you can choose the INIS quantity you want to buy and complete payment. Post transaction confirmation you will receive the Inddais tokens.

Buy Inddais Token

  1. Available tokens for sale and current price.
  2. Choose quantity using the slider or manually enter amount.
  3. Connected wallet, token balance, along with total buy & sell information.

The minimum number of tokens to buy is 10 and the maximum per transaction is 10000 tokens. Optionally, you can transfer BNB directly to the contract address and instantly receive the equivalent INIS tokens. Do not use an exchange wallet or swap services to transfer BNB into the contract address.

Contract Address: 0x8a36F19cFb1B9b963A9bf664dd786Cc740EdC5D2