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Getting Started with Inddais

Posted on 02 May 2022 05:09 pm

There is no registration process in Inddais. We do not store or provide blockchain wallet service. The user executes all transactions by running functions in the deployed smart contract. To handle this task efficiently, all users of Inddais needs to have MetaMask wallet application installed in their PC or mobile devices. When you visit interactive pages of Inddais like Buy, Sell or Farm, the pre-requisites to transact are as follows:

Installing MetaMask

The foremost requirement, as mentioned, is the MetaMask application setup. We have an elaborate tutorial here to help new users in setting up their first MetaMask wallet.

Metamask Installation

Changing to BSC Network

We have made it so simple for you to add BSC network, just click the Change Network button and allow it in the MetaMask pop up to transact on BSC network. To update it manually, follow the instructions provided here.

BSC Network in MetaMask

Connecting Wallet with Inddais

This step in which you will assign one or multiple wallets to connect with Inddais. This is a read only connection and Inddais cannot make any transaction without your consent and will not have access to any of your private keys. Just click on the Connect Wallet button and choose the wallet IDs you want to use at Inddais. Please note switching wallets from within MetaMask will require a reconnection.

MetaMask connect

MetaMask Mobile

To manage Inddais token from your mobile device on the go, you need to visit our website from the in-app browser offered by MetaMask. Just tap the MetaMask app, tap on the top left corner for menu dropdown and select browser. Enter at the address bar and surf through your preferred pages.

MetaMask Mobile Browser

Some devices don’t detect the network change even after adding or switching to BSC network. In such cases, select “Connect Wallet” from the top Inddais menu section.

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